Lately, I just haven’t felt like posting. Here are some random recent photos.

Another Dominos Meatmaster, with thin and crispy crust.

Dominos Meatmaster

Dominos Godfather, also with thin and crispy crust. Lately, Dominos have really loaded their pizzas with toppings, which is great. I love this pizza because of the sundried tomatoes and garlic, but I pick off all my olives and give them to Jac.


Tonight’s dinner consisted of a side salad (I ate my salad with a dish of Paul Newman’s Ranch Dressing, like a dip) …


…served with panfried hake fillets (we had one and a half fillets each) and homemade chunky chips. The fish was seasoned with lemon pepper and fried by Jac in our Sunbeam electric frypan. The potatoes were sliced and precooked in the microwave, and then finished off in the same frypan, fried until golden and crispy. I sprinkled my potatoes with plenty of chicken salt.

Panfried hake with homemade chunky chips

And here’s Pixel.


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