WCB 23 – Dedicated to Clare and Kiri

Hi everyone. Billy Lee here. My Mum tfp says I’ve been very naughty since my Mum Jac has been away. Every morning, just before the sun comes up I make my funny growly noise until my Mum tfp wakes up. She yells and squirts water at me but I just hide or run to another part of the room. I keep making my funny noise and eventually my Mum gets up to get breakfast for Pixel and me. Yesterday morning I poked my head through the gap in the curtains and made my funny noise. Mum grabbed the water bottle and squirted at me, but I was too quick for her and hid behind the curtains before the water hit my face. She kept her hand on the water bottle as she lay there in the bed, ready to shoot water again, but then she got tired and took her hand away from the bottle, and so I poked my head out between the curtains and made my noise again. She quickly grabbed the water bottle again and I hid behind the curtains before she could squirt me. I waited again until she took her hand away from the bottle and then I peeked out at her and did my funny growl. We kept playing this game until Mum got bored, sat up and asked if we wanted breakfast. “Yes, yes!” I meowed, and so did Pixel. (Mum tfp says Pixel has been very good, because she just sleeps in between Mum’s knees or at the foot of the bed, watching me play with Mum every morning)

Billy Lee

Please do check out and join in the Weekend Cat Blogging, hosted this weekend at masak-masak. Clare, we are thinking of you and Kiri. xxoo Billy Lee, Pixel and Mum tfp.

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