Christmas Day

Christmas Day was fun and delicious. As I said in an earlier post, it promised to be a real meatfest. Although I have definite carnivorous tendencies, I would have been just as happy with two kinds of meat. Still, I appreciated all the meat on offer.

Jac carved the meat. Here’s the sliced turkey thigh roll. We also had a turkey breast roll that was glazed in cranberry jelly, but I didn’t manage to get a good shot of it (mainly because Jac felt that I was getting in her carving way with my camera and I had to make myself scarce before Ms Cranky dropped in for lunch).

Turkey thigh roll

We also had roast pork:

Roast pork

I was given the important job of cutting up the crackling. Here it is before I hacked it into smaller pieces.

Pork crackling

We had roasted vegetables too, and peas (which I didn’t take a picture of).

Roasted vegetables

Let the meatfest begin! From the left – Smoked ham, turkey thigh roll, roast chicken, pork and crackling, turkey breast roll (with glazed with cranberry jelly), continental baked ham.

Meat platter

Yuuuuuuuum. I took a photo of my plate, but as the photo didn’t turn out, here’s a photo of Jac’s brother’s plate instead:

Loaded plate

As we were all completely stuffed from lunch, we had a long, long break between main course and pudding. It was lovely, rich and sweet Christmas pudding served with hot custard and topped with cream. We also had a couple of rounds of cocksucking cowboys. The family always make sure they have Butterscotch Schnapps and Baileys so we can make some, as they know I’ll actually drink these (normally I drink no alcohol at all).

Christmas pudding

We didn’t have a formal dinner, but assembled some nibblies and leftovers to munch on in the evening. Jac’s mum made these delicious bacon and egg pies. I just love savoury pastries hot from the oven. The pastry was crispy and flakey, and these little pies were small enough to chomp on whole.

Bacon and egg pies

We had a platter of leftover meats, served cold with some sausage.

Cold meat platter

Jac also brought along a packet of garlic broadbeans that we love to snack on. I buy them from Loi’s Asian Supermarket on Barrack St in town for $2.00 a packet. They are crispy and very moreish. Sometimes I get lucky and find a big chunk of fried garlic in amongst the beans. They were a hit, so it looks like I’ll be picking up more packets for everyone next time I’m in town.

Garlic broadbeans

Here’s the cheese platter. Clockwise from the top left hand corner, King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue, Mersey Valley, Camembert, Havarti and Walnut Brie. There were crackers to go with the cheese, of course. That blue cheese stank like anything. The cheesey people loved it.

Cheese platter

The fresh fruit went down well too. It was assembled by moi.

Fruit platter

And a little later, Jac’s brother’s mate P came over with a batch of cold cooked tiger prawns.

Tiger prawns

Jac and I caught the train home. We had a lovely day, ate lots, drank lots (well, Jac more than me), gave and scored some good booty. Flickr family and friends will be able to view the people pics too – you know where.

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