We will be spending Christmas day with Jac’s family. Every year, each couple/person is assigned stuff to bring for the meal/day. We’re bringing the Christmas ham, cheeses and Christmas crackers. Instead of getting a great big chunk of ham on the bone we’ve got two small hams – one’s smoked and the other is baked. Jac is the cheese-eater, and has assembled havarti, Mersey Valley, brie, camembert and a stinky King Island Roaring Forties Blue. We’ve also got crackers and fruit to go on the cheese platter. There will also be turkey thigh roll and roast pork tomorrow – it will be a real meatfest. I’m charging up my camera batteries in anticipation and probably skipping dinner tonight (well, maybe I’ll just have a couple of slices of toast) in readiness for a day of non-stop eating tomorrow.

While we were at the shop a few weeks ago looking for boxes to put our Christmas mini muffins in, we came across these make-your-own Christmas cracker kits. I thought it sounded like fun, and we both liked the idea of being able to put extra stuff in the crackers ourselves, so we got two kits (each makes 6 crackers).

Christmas crackers

It was fun making them. The kits came with the crackers themselves, bits of green ribbon to tie them with, paper hats, Christmas jokes and the bit that you hold onto when you pull the cracker that makes the bang (what are those things called?!). We added a few more goodies: heart-shaped Lindt chocolates, stickers, water bombs, Fruit Tingles lollies and party blowers (I really don’t know if that’s what they are called, you know those things that make a noise and unroll themselves when you blow them?! Obviously my party accessory vocabulary and powers of description suck terribly!). The green ribbon that came in the kits looked very unexciting by itself, and so I used extra red and gold curling ribbon to make the crackers look a little more festive. I hope they work out ok; I made a test one, and it seemed to work as a cracker should (Jac and I were the cracker test pilots hahahaaa). It made a bang when we pulled it, and the goodies fell out (WOW! Chocolate! Hahahaha)

Pixel thought the cracker-making and my Christmas present-wrapping were most interesting. Jac put a box on the floor in front of the coffee table in the lounge where I was working, and Pixel sat in the box for ages, watching attentively like she was in a private box at the opera. Billy Lee has been more interested in chewing on tinsel. I’ve been keeping an eye out for tinsel-speckled poo in the litter tray, but thankfully, none has appeared yet!

Pixel watches from her private box

Merry Christmas to all my readers! I hope to bring you some Christmas food pornography over the next few days. But coming right up, some food photos I’ve taken over the past week…..

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