Night-time baking

We’ve had these four over-ripe bananas sitting in the bowl, getting blacker and blacker. I decided last night to do some baking with them before they became completely inedible. I baked a batch of banana mini muffins. I threw in half a cup of sultanas in the mix, and made half of them banana, sultana and walnut (walnut pieces in the muffins, and each topped with half a walnut), by Jac’s request. The recipe made exactly 24 mini muffins, plenty for Jac to take to work and for snacking on at home.

Banana mini muffins

The original recipe comes from All Recipes. I’ve made this recipe lots of times now – I like it because it is really really easy. I’ve tweaked it to my liking – I use wholemeal flour instead of white flour, add one extra banana and only use half the sugar (sometimes I use Splenda instead of sugar), add one teaspoon of vanilla essence, add walnuts (half to 3/4 cup depending on mood) and sultanas (about half a cup). When baking full sized muffins in our oven they are done after only 20 minutes; mini muffins take about 10 minutes.

This year we’ve decided to bake mini muffins to give our friends at the annual Christmas get-together. I know some of them read this site from time to time, so I won’t mention what kind I’ll be making. ;-)

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