Mmmm, chicken.

It’s been a bingy sort of time, food-wise. We’ve been eating lots of junk food, lots of deep-fried stuff.

On New Year’s Day, for example, we had Charcoal Chicken. I always order a Hawaiian Pack, which is a quarter of a chicken (I always ask for the leg, which means I’ll get a thigh too), chips and two pineapple fritters. They were all out of pineapple fritters, so they gave me half a chicken instead. Charcoal Chicken’s chips are always really crisp and taste amazing.

Charcoal Chicken

Jac had a kebab, which proved to be most un-photogenic (hence, no photo!). We also shared a caesar salad. Because Charcoal Chicken are a certified Halal store, the caesar has no bacon in it, but it tastes pretty good. It has chunks of chicken and lots of croutons. This time round our salad had heavy, heavy dressing, which Jac was really pleased about. She loooooves heavy salad dressing, especially creamy dressing.

Charcoal Chicken Caesar Salad

I’ve been busy researching Jac’s birthday present. It will be her 40th birthday very soon, and I wanted to think BIG. She’s wanted a line trimmer (whipper snipper), specifically a Stihl. So, I’m organising funds from her family. I’ve also bought her one of these as a pressie from me. She’s wanted a multi-tool for ages, the main tools she wanted were a knife, scissors and bottle opener. This one is scissors-based, rather than pliers-based which most multi-tools I’ve seen are. It’s so cute and easy to carry yet the knife and scissors are super-sharp. I might have to buy myself one!

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