Dinner, 16/01/2006

Our friend Michaela came over for dinner on Monday night. We made garlic bread:

Garlic bread

First course was vegetable slice, served cold. Using a recipe from a magazine (sorry, I haven’t tracked it down) Jac sliced up various vegetables e.g. eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, seasoned them with Moroccan spices and panfried them. They were then placed in layers in a non-stick springform cake tin in between layers of spinach, and topped off with mushed up tomatoes. The slice was put in the fridge with a weight on top of it so it would set, and served cold. Jac served each wedge of the vegetable slice with a dish of her mum’s homemade secret recipe chutney, topped with fresh red chillies. Personally, I thought the slice was quite bland (blame the recipe, not Jac, of course! Haha). Jac, however quite liked the slice and ate the leftovers the next day. I suppose those of you who know me well are not at all surprised that I didn’t like this vegetarian dish.

Vegetable slice

Main course was chicken ravioli with a simple sauce of tomatoes, capsicum, champignons and peas. The pasta was bought, the sauce homemade. This was much better than the vegetable slice!


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