Lunch bar burgers

Finally! Some pictures of food! Enough about the computer already! (I’m sure you’re thinking this)

Jac ordered the jumbo burger, which has a large meat pattie, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, bacon and fried onions. This is the second-largest burger on offer at the lunch bar. The biggest is “the one with the lot” which has everything the jumbo burger has, plus a fried egg. I think that’s what I’ll go for next time. I love fried egg in burgers. Especially if the yolk is still on the soft, slightly oozy side. Our burgers came already cut into two. Jac was tucking into half of hers while I took a photo of the other half.

Jumbo burger

I had the chicken filet burger. The crumbed coating on the chicken was really crunchy. There was plenty of lettuce, onion and mayonaise. Chicken, salad and sauce were in the correct proportions in relation to each other, but there seemed to be too much bun. See how thick the bun was compared to the filling?. I suppose as Lunchlady Doris (The Simpsons) would say, “It’s rich in bunly goodness”.*

Chicken filet burger

We shared a fruitopia juice and laughed and smiled a lot and tasted each other’s burgers. It was really nice to have lunch with Jac in a lunch bar on a week day, like a date. A short date (which I am hahahahaaa).

*From the episode when Lisa becomes a vegetarian. At the school cafeteria she complains to Lunchlady Doris that there are no vegetarian meals available, and Lunchlady Doris shakes the wiener out of a hot dog bun and gives the empty bun to Lisa saying (in her deadpan and sort of sarcastic tone) “Yum. It’s rich in bunly goodness”.

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