Boneless KFC

Here’s my second KFC post, which is bound to make health-conscious people get all hoity-toity *snort*. Jac offered to pick up KFC on her way home for dinner last night. KFC currently have boneless thigh and breast filets on their menu, and I’ve been meaning to try it out. I gave Jac strict instructions: 1) please ask for thigh filets only 2) if the KFC staff member doesn’t seem to know the difference or if they tell you you can’t actually specify thigh or breast, abort and order standard original recipe chicken.

KFC Boneless Thigh Filets - allegedly HAH!

As it turned out, our three-pack of boneless thigh filets was actually two thighs and a breast. Not that big a deal, I suppose. But I do find white/breast meat tasteless and without the satisfying texture of dark/thigh meat. Can you spot the breast filet in this photo? The minute I picked it up between my fingers I felt the solidness of the filet and knew it was breast. The thigh filets are much springier to touch (man, people googling for boob porn are going to have fun finding this post!).

Spot the breast

When I was a kid in Malaysia I thought KFC coleslaw was strange and disgusting. I just didn’t understand why anyone would eat (let alone buy) something made up of chopped raw vegetables! Raw cabbage? Raw onion? I had no concept of eating those vegetables raw until I was much older! Hahaha. I love the coleslaw now. I know it’s loaded with sugar and preservatives, but it’s not like I eat it all the time! (Heh, why am I justifying myself at all?!) Anyhow, I think the crunch and sweetness goes very well with the mega-saltiness of the KFC chicken skin.

KFC Coleslaw

My plate.

KFC dinner plate

And here’s the innards shot of a boneless thigh filet, as The Girl Who Ate Everything would say. I enjoyed the boneless experience – it was sort of like eating a big KFC Nugget, but with (of course) the meatier more satisfying texture of un-Nuggeted meat. Yes, I know there’s no such word as un-Nuggeted. Speaking of which, I’ve come across some interesting word creations in my assignment marking. I’ve graded the papers, just have the detailed typed comments/feedback to go. That will be my day tomorrow *sigh*.

KFC Boneless Thigh Filet Innards

Jac is at her brother’s house baby-sitting. She’ll be home soon hopefully. She needs to get a good night’s sleep as she has a hockey scratch match tomorrow morning. I think I’ll be in bed sound asleep before she gets in, though. It’s been a lot cooler temperature-wise this past week. I love it – Pixel is back to snuggling with me at night and sleeping on my lap as I work at my desk during the day. Jac cynically says it’s got nothing to do with Pixel being affectionate – it’s all about her being a heat parasite when she feels cold. But the way Pixel headbutts me while purring like a motor so I’ll give her kisses on the top of her head tells me there’s at least a little love somewhere there :).

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