Lunch with Jac

I didn’t make it to uni today. Jac needed me to help get our stuff back from the party house, so I decided to skip the joys of public transport on a public holiday and the lecture. I’ll either listen to it online or attend the repeat lecture on Wednesday afternoon. After we got our stuff, we decided to have a food hall lunch. Jac had three sticks of chicken satay with peanut sauce. The chicken was very succulent and was fried rather than grilled the proper satay way, but it was really tasty. The peanut sauce was peanutty but quite curry-like in flavour, which was a nice change.

Chicken satay

Jac was also in the mood for soup, and so she also ordered a bowl of chicken and corn soup. It seemed to have too much cornflour in it, making it unnaturally thick, but the flavour was very good, and there was plenty of corn, egg and chicken in it. Jac wasn’t all that hungry today, so these two dishes were enough for her.

Chicken and corn soup

I was in the mood for yong tau foo (stuffed tofu, stuffed vegetables and fish balls). My favourite bits are the foo chok (the fried beancurd skin) and the stuffed eggplant. It came with hoisin and garlicky chilli dipping sauces.

Tong tau foo

Oink oink! I also ordered a plate of chee cheong fun, which is rice flour rolls with hoisin sauce, topped with sesame seeds. The rice flour rolls were so smooth that they kept slipping between my chopsticks, even when I tried holding them through the hole in the middle. The dish had the added bonus of a few pieces of fried beancurd skin, which I just love. I also had a dish of chilli sauce on the side. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten this dish. It’s very simple but delicious. I think it was too plain for Jac – she didn’t seem very impressed. I was happy with that – more for me! I had a couple of bites of the satay and a few mouthfuls of soup too. I really enjoyed my lunch today.

Chee cheong fun

Tonight we’ll probably eat party leftovers – a few pizza scrolls, crackers and vegetables with dip and vol-au-vents with corn filling. The dip will be Jac’s french onion dip – which she made for the party but forgot to take along – hence Juji to the rescue with her quick sweet chilli and cream cheese creation.

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