Ow, indigestion.

For lunch today I took the leftover KFC off the bone (“What?” I hear you say, “But you had boneless chicken!” Yes, we did have boneless, but Jac also bought some regular chicken too) and mixed it with mayonaise, australian mustard, cracked black pepper and very finely chopped white onion (not that much onion – maybe a rounded teaspoon’s worth for four pieces of chicken’s worth of meat). Mmmm, bits of KFC meat and skin. I shook the skin crumbs from the KFC box into the mixing bowl too. I shoved the chicken mixture into a bun with shredded lettuce. YUM. Usually I use chicken, mayo, dijon mustard and cracked black pepper. Today’s combination had a bit of a kick with the australian mustard, and the additional bitey-ness of the finely chopped raw onion. Nice for a change.

KFC in a bun

Unfortunately, something went down the wrong way or didn’t agree with me – I had indigestion afterwards. Ohhh I felt like crap. But the KFC mix was yummy. I had it cold, but it would be really tasty hot in a warmed or toasted roll, or even plastered on top of bread and topped with cheese and then grilled as a chunky chicken toastie. You could even eat it in lettuce like sang choy bow. Or, as Pixel would (if I’d let her), directly out of the mixing bowl.

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