Belated Easter weekend food pics

We went to Jac’s mum’s for dinner on Easter Sunday. She had some Easter chocolate muffins in a tupperware on the table. I thought they looked rather like Playboy Bunny muffins. What do you reckon?

Playboy Bunny muffins

Jac’s mum made a simple but delicious dinner of braised chicken with vegetables. She served it with mashed potatoes and her very own homegrown spinach. The chicken was very tender. The vegetables had been cooking in the same pot as the braising chicken, along with pieces of bacon. The spinach was really good. Nothing beats fresh homegrown greens.

Braised chicken with vegetables, mashed potatoes and homegrown spinach

We’d bought the baked chocolate cheesecake for dessert, but didn’t end up bringing it as Jac spoke to her mum earlier in the day and found out that she’d made dessert. I declined a slice to myself, saying that I’d have a couple of bites out of Jac’s slice. Unfortunately, Jac’s mum didn’t take “a couple of bites” to mean a couple of bites literally, and so she cut Jac this huuuge chunk of pie thinking that we would both do it justice. Look at it! It’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! I love lemon curd, but it is loaded with sugar, so I was indeed finished after a couple of mouthfuls. Jac tried her best, but wasn’t able to finish the whole piece.

A huuuuuuuuge chunk of Lemon meringue pahhhh

On Monday evening Jac decided to do some experimental cooking. She created this rather interesting dish, a savoury tart thingy in the quiche dish using shortcrust pastry. It had burger mince, chopped ham and whole eggs in it, and was topped with sliced tomatoes and then baked in the oven. She just made it up as she went along, with the prime objective of using up the burger mince and ham that was in the freezer.

Jac's almost quiche thingy

It was actually really tasty! Kind of like a cross between quiche and meatloaf. I ate a couple of slices and enjoyed them very much!
EDIT: Jac has decided to call this dish her breakfast pie. And she plans to make it again (good)!

Jac's almost quiche thingy

Ok, so strictly speaking this does not belong to the Easter weekend, seeing as this was tonight’s dinner. But I’m too lazy to make a new post. A few days ago I told Jac I’ve been craving Thai green chicken curry with baby corn, green beans and zucchini in it. When I got home this evening, there was a pot of Thai green chicken curry with all the stuff I’d mentioned, bubbling on the stove (and the house smelled soooo good! So nice to come home, all tired and grumpy to a yummy-smelling house with dinner just about ready!). And Jac was very happy because she’d used up the last of the jar of Thai green curry paste in the fridge (have I mentioned she loves being able to use up stuff in the fridge/freezer, which frees up room in our always-bursting fridge/freezer?).

Thai green chicken curry and rice

Met up with a blogging friend and her partner (over here from Singapore for a short holiday) for a drink at uni this afternoon. We’d spoken before via Skype, blog comments and email but never in person. It was sort of a last-minute thing – and so I’m afraid I probably looked like a sack of shit, having not dressed this morning to impress anyone! Still, it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours after marking assignment resubmissions (shudder) in the morning.

Things will go ballistic again at the end of semester in June, as I’ve agreed to supervise examinations again.

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