Easter Sunday Breakfast

We decided to go to Hungry Jack’s for breakfast this morning. HJ’s now do breakfast until 11am. Interestingly, the HJ website doesn’t mention anything about breakfast, so maybe it’s not a nationwide thing.

Jac ordered the Brekky Wrap, which has bacon, sausage, egg, cheese and barbecue sauce in it. Here is the Wrap, still wrapped.

Brekky Wrap, wrapped

Jac is so patient! I made her hold off biting into it so I could take a photo…

Brekky Wrap, before the first bite

…and then I made her hold it steady for a photo after her first bite. She said it was pretty good, and she would eat breaky at HJ’s again.

Brekky Wrap, after the first bite

I ordered the Aussie Breakfast, which is HJ’s equivalent to the McDonald’s Big Breakfast (posted here and here). It consists of a hash brown, a toasted English muffin, a sausage pattie and two fried eggs.

Aussie Breakfast

The hash brown was pretty standard, as was the muffin (I ate it with whipped butter and a light spreading of strawberry jam). The fried eggs were a little overdone (as you know, I like softer yolks). The sausage was the BEST part – the HJ’s sausage pattie is far superior in flavour to the McDonald’s sausage, I think – it is savoury and lightly spiced and has that beautiful chargrilled flavour that HJ’s meat has, which McDonald’s doesn’t. This isn’t to say that I prefer the HJ’s breakfast or HJ’s in general to McDonald’s. I like both for different reasons, and have room for both in my life :).

Aussie Breakfast, bites here and there

Jac had the Brekky Wrap Value Meal, which came with a hash brown and a cup of coffee (you could choose from cappucino, latte, flat white or long black). She had a capp. I had a Value Meal too, and had a V8 juice with my breakfast.


We took our time over breakfast and just relaxed sitting there eating and reading the Sunday Times. After breakfast, we decided to drive by the Cheesecake Shop so Jac could pick up some cake for dessert (hah!) and for tonight, as we’ll be having dinner at her mum’s house. Cheesecake post coming up very shortly…

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