Friday night

I worked at home yesterday as our new stove was being delivered. It’s an Electrolux Chef. Our handy man, who is a qualified gas fitter came over and hooked it up today. I was out at the time, shopping for my friend MK’s birthday present. Apparently I missed all the fun of cleaning behind the old stove before the new one was installed in the space – Jac said she found a few ghastly and unidentifiable but unmistakably organic bits mutating there. Heheheh. The best bit about the new stove (besides that it is so shiny, new and CLEAN) is the wok burner. I’ve NEVER owned or used a stove with a proper wok burner before! This is quite an upgrade for our tiny little kitchen.

Wok burner

Friday evening we went over to Jac’s brother’s place. Here’s the birthday card I received from Brad, Kelsie and the kids. Heheheh. I got a Coles-Myer gift card as my pressie. The Myer Big Brand sale is on now… or maybe I’ll wait for a Kmart 15% off sale day. Hmmm. These new gift cards are valid for two years, so there’s plenty of time to decide :).

Is the vet here yet?

Jac and I then went to have dinner at our favourite food hall. I am so so addicted to this particular combination! I’ve eaten the same two dishes the last three times now! On the left is the chee cheong fun (rice flour roll), on the right the loh mai kai (glutinous chicken rice). I’ve posted about these two dishes before here and here.

My current favourite food hall dinner combo

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