Yesterday, as well as the lebanese flatbreads, Jac also picked up a couple of chicken pies (from a different bakery to the lebanese one). I had one for breakfast this morning. It was a little soft from being zapped in the microwave, but it smelled really good.

Chicken pie

The filling was delicious. It consisted of chicken chunks, peas and corn kernels in thick, tasty gravy.


I worked on uni stuff this morning while Jac went shopping for my birthday present(s). She came home all secretive in the afternoon and told me I’ve been banned from the spare room. :)

We went for a walk before dinner. On the way back we stopped a greengrocer’s so we could buy some fresh ginger and coriander. Unfortunately we were feeling hungry at the time, and so we walked out of the shop with more stuff than we’d planned to buy – a bag of tapioca crisps (which we ate on the way home), a bag of banana chips, a bottle of real Canadian maple syrup which was on special and a bag of carrots. I am well aware that it’s a bad idea to go food shopping when hungry, but I always seem to get caught out (but then, I am always hungry, especially in cooler weather like today).

For dinner tonight I’d told Jac I felt like some pork chok. So, when we got home, she cooked up a big pot of chok (rice porridge/congee) with fresh pork meatballs. We served it up in big bowls with fried garlic and shallots, julienned fresh ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil. Right underneath the chok we placed fresh bok choy (left under the hot chok so it would cook). The sprig of coriander on top of my chok was strictly for display purposes only – I don’t like fresh coriander! Jac however loves it and piled heaps on her chok. She didn’t actually follow a recipe. I think she cooked two cups of rice using three cups of water per cup of rice, and added more water during the cooking process. She added the freshly formed pork balls to the chok to cook. Mmmm, it was good. I love chok. I could eat variations of it every week. My mum makes a delicious salted pork chok and another variation with fresh fish and ginger. I like plain chok with a fried egg, some ikan billis and chinese sausage or a slice or two of fried SPAM. We now have three takeaway containers’ worth of leftover chok cooling down on the kitchen bench. Breakfast tomorrow – YUM!


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