Another Saturday, Part 1

Yesterday morning I had to go to the post office to mail something via registered post (computer-related; more on that later this week). After that was done I spent a little time at the shops. Angus & Robertson had a huge bargain table on the go with everything at 50% off, and I spent ages browsing. I finally emerged with a few items for Jac. First, a copy of Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat. She was given French Women Don’t Get Fat last Christmas by my brother and his wife (She got French Women Don’t Get Fat, while I got Degrassi Generations! What does that say about us, I wonder?). Flicking through this Japanese one, I thought she might find it interesting, plus – more importantly – some of the recipes sound really yummy!

There was also a pile of maps for sale on the bargain table. Jac loooooves maps. We have this atlas that I was given as part of an award in Year 10. It is a rather large, heavy and unwieldy book – you could easily kill someone with it (for some odd reason, that makes me think of Roald Dahl’s short story from Someone Like You, “Lamb to the Slaughter”, I don’t know why). Anyway (my digressions are getting out of control!), the big heavy atlas lives on the shelf under the coffee table in the lounge, so that it may be conveniently accessed by Jac whenever she wishes to look up places we’ve seen/heard about on TV. Although the atlas is my book, I have never really regarded it with much interest. It didn’t really get used much until Jac and I moved in together – she was very excited when she discovered it in my book collection. The only bad thing about it is that because it’s not an Australian publication, there are no detailed maps of the Australian states and territories. Soooooo (and here is my point) I decided to get Jac a couple of maps from the bargain map pile yesterday. I also thought they might be handy for us in the planning of our holiday in November. I chose three maps: Gregory’s Road and Reference Map of Australia, the State Handy Map of Western Australia (with camping areas, rest areas, outback fuel, national parks and points of interest marked), and the Steve Parrish Discovery map of Western Australia, which is similar to the State Handy Map.

Shopping, like studying, makes me hungry. I decided to buy takeaway and have my lunch at home. I had to chuck a couple of laps around the food hall before I worked out what I felt like for food – hokkien mee with chicken. But then I really couldn’t rock up at home with takeaway for me and nothing for Jac (well, I could’ve, but I didn’t want to). And so for her I ordered her favourite, char kway teow. Jac really likes this char kway teow because it’s really loaded with stuff i.e. chicken, chinese sausage, prawns etc. And lots and lots of fried egg.

Hokkien mee  Char kway teow

Jac really likes her sweets, and so I also got her something from Muffin Break – a date slice.

Date slice from Muffin Break

At home, I transferred my noodles into a bowl before eating. I don’t really like eating out of takeaway containers. The curved bowl makes it easier for me eat up every bit of sauce and every tiny bit of garlic. Takeaway containers have too many edges and corners.

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