The muffins signal the end

Following my end of semester/end of classes tradition I made triple chocolate mini muffins for my students. I made these along with Jam Donut Mini Muffins at Christmas for our friends. I also brought a batch of mini muffins to uni yesterday for my officemates, and I made sure our own cake tin at home was well stocked too (well, for Jac mainly. I haven’t eaten any and have no plans to. I like the baking and the sharing; the eating for me is not necessary. If they were savoury or meaty, that would be a different story!*). My first baking session on Tuesday night (for my Wednesday class) yielded 46 mini muffins and last night’s batch (for today’s class) came to 47 mini muffins, so I was pretty happy (the recipe is supposed to yield 48 mini muffins). I call these “triple chocolate” mini muffins because the muffins are made with coc0a and have choc bits in them, and I top them with chocolate and coffee icing (which we could call mocha, I suppose). I sprinkle roasted peanuts on top of most of the muffins, which gives them an extra special and wonderful aroma. So far, they’ve been a hit with students, who seem to love the combination of chocolate/coffee/sugar/caffeine.

Triple chocolate mini muffins

Ugh, I’ve run out of time to write about last night’s yummy dinner. I’ll do that this evening.

*Or durian mini muffins. I still want to make durian muffins! Those I think I will have all to myself.

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