100% food, 0% thesis crap

Damon Z, this post is dedicated to you! :)

This was a recent breakfast: a panfried ham steak, scrambled eggs and a slice of multigrain toast with strawberry spread.

Fried ham steak, scrambled eggs and toast with strawberry spread

And a recent junky lunch, of KFC Original Recipe chicken (my favourite two pieces to have, a drumstick and a thigh), soggy chips (as usual) and coleslaw. I reckon the KFC coleslaw has gotten more mushy in recent times. I preferred it how it used to be. Just like I preferred their original sweet buns that didn’t have sesame seeds on them. *sigh*

KFC, chips and coleslaw

Today’s lunch at uni: chicken noodle soup. There are yellow egg noodles buried underneath all the floating delicious things.

Chicken noodle soup

Tonight’s dinner: “continental style spicy pork

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