Mum’s 60th birthday dinner – the sweet

Mum’s birthday cake was homemade by the wife of one her work colleagues. It was covered with thick, smooth, rich butter cream icing.* Oh my god, it was gooooooood.

Mum's birthday cake

It was so good I actually ate a whole piece. Usually I just have a bite out of Jac’s (part of the secret to not becoming a plump food pornographer!). That icing was just amazing. I should’ve tried to get an end/corner piece -that would’ve been icing overload heaven!

Piece of cake

And (drum roll please!) we had the return of the boobie buns (see last year’s)! These are “immortality peach buns” but to me they look very much like breasts (hence my calling them the boobie buns). They are filled with a lotus paste (I think). They taste less sweet than they look.

Boobie buns

And just like last year, I lined up a pair of buns for the boobie shot. If people on my table had a suspicion that I was a weirdo before, they now knew for sure. This year’s buns were much more pointy. Last year’s were more, um, matronly unexcited. Heheheh.

Boobie buns

*This reminds me of the Simpsons episode with this ad that gets Homer drooling:
[Sexy female voice]
“We start with pure milk chocolate
Add a layer of farm-fresh honey
Then we sprinkle on four kinds of sugar
And dip it in rich, creamery butter…”

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