More of that caesar feeling… with nachos

We recently had brunch at Leonardo’s, which is a cafe at Carousel Shopping Centre (see details and map here).

We ordered two dishes to share. First, a caesar salad (AU$9.95). Jac absolutely loved the dressing because it was particularly parmesan-cheesey. We both thought the bacon pieces were a good size and the croutons were extremely tasty, and I especially liked the inclusion of the hard boiled egg pieces. Jac rated this caesar more highly that the caesar salads at Dome in the city we had recently; I did enjoy the Leonardo’s caesar, but for me, Dome won hands down because it had shaved parmesan (shaved parmesan almost always wins!). I also didn’t care much for the pile of grated carrot and the garnish of snow pea sprouts on the side – I always think such garnishes are completely unnecessary on caesar salads – a good caesar should speak for itself. There ain’t no carrot or snow pea sprouts in a real caesar! Overall though, this caesar tasted pretty good and I would have it again (although next time I’m at Carousel with a hankering for a caesar salad I might go to Dome instead). Jac suggested I add a new subcategory of “Caesar salad” to my Favourites category, which I have done. I was surprised how many posts have featured caesar salad, just as I was surprised by how often I’ve posted about sausages!

Caesar salad

We also shared a serve of nachos (also AU$9.95). The tomato salsa consisted of cubed tomatoes, green capsicum and onions. Jac wished there were beans in the sauce, but I quite liked it as it was – the cubes of tomato were just so juicy and sweet. The corn chips under the top layer were very soggy and impossible to pick up (definitely nachos that had to be eaten with a fork rather than fingers) and there was probably a little too much sour cream on the top – we’ve definitely had better nachos (such as the chicken nachos at Panchos) – but they were still yummy and we enjoyed them.


Leonardo’s is another one of those open-air cafes plonked in the middle of the shopping centre like Coffee Cube (which we dined at recently). Coffee Cube is the one near Colorado and the Foxtel booth/display; Leonardo’s is between the Myer and Target entrances. At Leonardo’s you place your order at the counter, and your food/drinks are brought to your table by the waitstaff. The food came out lightning fast, which was excellent, as we were starving (as usual). As I steam-shovelled caesar and nachos, Jac enjoyed people-watching. Jac’s keen to eat at Leonardo’s again sometime so she can try one of their sandwiches. Me, I’m not so keen on sandwiches, but their warm chicken salad sounded pretty good. We’ll see when we get a chance to return.

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