Billy Lee’s the boss (WCB #66)

While we were out today we stopped by City Farmers to pick up some cat food. We also bought a new bed for the cats. We chose one which seemed lovely and comfy, and would be big enough for them to snuggle up together on. They usually snuggle up together, all cosy and purry. It’s just gorgeous to see. Unfortunately though, Billy Lee has decided that the new bed will be her very own personal bed, thank you very much! and Pixel shall not be allowed on it. All of Pixel’s attempts to snuggle this evening have been met with slaps and nips from Billy Lee. Pixel has tried her best to stand up for herself, looking all fierce with her ears back and her tail puffed up (fierce but sooo cute!), but Billy Lee is just too big and strong, and Pixel has backed down every time. It looks like we may have to get poor Pixel her own bed. I did try to take photos of puffed up Pixel but they didn’t turn out very well, so you’ll just have to imagine it!


Bed-hogging is sooooo tiring.


Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted by chefsarahjane this weekend. Check it out for more cat photos!

EDIT @11:39pm: Breaking news: Billy Lee has learned to share!

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