Chunky chicken noodles

After picking up my repaired phone, I headed into the food court at Galleria and had some lunch. I really wanted KFC chicken and chips, but decided to have some chicken and noodles instead. I ordered the $8.50 fried chicken ho fun/noodle from Sun Sai Kai which is next to KFC. It was saucy and full of big chunks of chicken. Really tasty. The only annoying thing was I got a splinter in my finger from forcing the disposable wooden chopsticks apart. I’d pay more just to have someone pre-split those disposable chopsticks for me, as I always end up with splinters. I suppose it’s actually quite dangerous (or perhaps foolish), putting those things in your mouth after getting splinters in your fingers from them just a moment ago. But I’m usually so hungry I just curse momentarily and start steam-shovelling.

Chicken kway teow

On my way back to the bus station, I couldn’t help having a look at what Beard Papa’s flavour of the week, which was green tea. YUM. I didn’t buy any though – no puffs whatsoever, not even original vanilla bean. I really don’t want to develop a Beard Papa addiction. At the moment I definitely have a Beard Papa admiration. That’s enough!

Have any of you used the Noka Data Suite to backup/restore phone data? The last few times I’ve used it (for my previous phone and this new one) everything has copied over except the calendar data. Not a catastrophic problem by any means, but somewhat inconvenient. I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the software or um, a glitch in me.

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