The Perth Royal Show, 2006 – Part 2

One of our favourite aspects of the Show is the animals. We love seeing the animals. Here are some of the piggies, The Three Little Pigs, actually:

Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs were very friendly and stuck their noses eagerly at this little boy. Maybe he just smelled like food, I don’t know.

Friendly piggies

These are two snoozing Berkshire pigs (yep, the same breed as Gordon Ramsay reared on Season 2 of The F Word).

2 x Berkshire pigs

At feeding time, these little piggies went absolutely crazy!

Suckin' time!

We also saw alpacas… This one in the first photo just staaaaared at me, while the one in the second photo kept on munchin’, quite unperturbed.

Alpaca: Whatchoo lookin' at?

Alpaca: Munch munch

We saw crayfish and marron (Jac loooooooooooooves marron! I haven’t eaten much shellfish in my lifetime)…



…and different kinds of fish. The third photo below is a Port Jackson shark. It was quite funny, actually, because a girl was trying to take a photo of it as it swam around in circles – she kept sticking her camera really close to the surface of the water. He boyfriend kept saying, “Careful! The shark might get you!” She just laughed and kept taking photos… until the shark actually poked its nose right out of the water! She jumped back and squealed. And so her series of Port Jackson shark close-up photos came to an abrupt end. :) An old man looking at the shark said to his wife, “Hey, you feel like having fish and chips for lunch?” Hahahaa.


Shadowy fish

Port Jackson Shark

We also saw baby emus. I wanted to take a photo of the mother emu, but she looked pretty mean and gave me the evil eye, and I wasn’t about to take her on.

Baby emus

I’m getting to the food, really!

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