WCB 76: Busted on the couch!

The cats are not allowed on the couch in the lounge. They just leave too much hair all over it. They KNOW they aren’t allowed on the couch, but they still try to sneak a little nap on it when we’re not watching. On Friday, I had been busy in my study and hadn’t seen Billy Lee for a couple of hours, so I decided to have a look for her (I need some cat kisses regularly throughout the day when I’m working at home). I found her squished between two cushions on the couch. We usually put the cushions all over the couch so the cats don’t have room to actually sit on the couch, but evidently I’d left just enough roombetween two of them for a big cat to squeeze herself into. Immediately when I made eye contact with her – BEFORE I had even said anything – she knew she’d been busted, and she lifted her head and starting meowing at me in a very indignant tone. I scooped her off the couch, and said “No!” and put her down on the floor. Anyway, she wandered around the house like a lost soul for a little while, looking disgruntled. Another hour later I realised she’d stopped wandering, and once again I hadn’t seen her for a little while. I looked for her again, and this is how I found her, now plonked ON TOP of the cushions. Needless to say, she was ready once again with her “But I wasn’t doing ANYTHING!” meows, this time visibly gripping onto the cushion she was sitting on with her front claws. I felt sorry for her and decided to let her stay on the cushion… the now very furry cushion.

Billy Lee busted on the couch!

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