Journey fried rice

This will be my last post for a little while. We leave early tomorrow morning for Geraldton. I will check my email while we are away if I get the opportunity, but there will definitely not be any updates to this site during that time. Rest assured though, I plan to take lots of photos and unleash bumper updates upon my return. I suppose this holiday is somewhat long overdue – I realised today that I haven’t had a holiday/break away from home for longer than three days since 2001!

I’ve just finished cooking up a batch of fried rice for our journey. One of my fondest childhood memories is driving somewhere (can’t remember where, I just remember it was a long, long drive) and then stopping for a break by the side of the road, and my mum bringing out a tupperware of fried rice for us all to tuck into. When I mentioned this to Jac she was all for eating fried rice for breakfast at one of our rest stops on the way to Geraldton (for those who are wondering – it will be around 6 hours’ drive). In this version, I’ve used cubes of SPAM, green beans and garlic tofu, along with the usual onions, garlic (not as much as usual), soy and oyster sauce. We’ll have a thermos of tea to wash it all down. Should be good.

Fried rice for the journey

I know I will miss the cats – not so much that I’ll be miserable, but I will think about them a lot while we are away. I always do even just on weekends away. I’m a sook like that. Anyhoo, catch you sometime after the 6th (probably the 7th) December!

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