Old noodles

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I made this stir-fry for my lunch during the week using the 4-day-old leftover cooked rice noodles from Saturday night. Jac would’ve chucked the noodles out by then, but they smelled fine to me and I just put them in a colander and refreshed them a little under the tap before draining well and adding to the wok. It was very basic, really: lots of chopped garlic, sliced garlic tofu, the noodles, and of course my good old mates, dark soy sauce and oyster sauce. I would’ve put something green and vegetabley in there but we were all out of green vegetabley things. It was a very simple meal but I wasn’t trying to please anyone but myself… and I was most pleased. :)

Tofu and garlic noodle stir-fry

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