Saturday morning pies

This morning, we had bakery pies for breaky. You may recall my recent chicken pie from the same place.

Jac’s steak and kidney pie.

Steak and kidney pie

This time I managed to get her to let me squeeze in an innards shot after she’d taken a few bites.

Steak and kidney pie innards

Jac got a ham and cheese quiche because I had a craving for it. I thought they’d have those tiny mini quiches for 50 cents, but all they had were full-size ones. (I wasn’t too upset about that! :-P) But where’s the ham, you may ask (I did!)?

Ham and cheese quiche

It was there, inside, at the bottom. I guess they must add the ham to the pastry shell, then pour in the quiche mixture. The middle was soft and creamy, with lots of onion. Delicious. I ate only half the quiche because what I REALLY felt like was…

Ham and cheese innards

…a steak and mushroom pie.

Steak and mushroom pie

This is my favourite shot of the lot. Just look at that filling! Oh yeah.

Steak and mushroom pie innards

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