A lovely barbie with lovely friends

Yesterday evening we (Jac, our house guest VR and I) went to a barbie at my uni friend MK and her hubby AK’s place. It was just so relaxing to catch up with mates while eating lots of yummy food. The food was fantastic – all prepared and provided by MK and AK. The company wasn’t bad either ;-P

We started off with some crackers, double brie cheese and sliced sausage – sorry, I was too busy stuffing my face and assembling sliced sausage on sliced cheese on crackers for Jac to take any pictures. It seemed such a long time since lunch! In addition, we munched on some yummy crisps. Hey MK, I forgot to ask what flavour the crisps were…


So here’s the barbie, loaded with the meat: ham and pineapple shishkebabs and marinated chicken thighs. MK and AK very kindly revealed their barbie secrets to me knowing that I would tell you all. Okay, okay, they probably aren’t barbie “secrets” but that sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Heheh.

Loaded BBQ

The shishkebabs were made with lovely big chunks of fresh pineapple and to quote MK: “cheap, crappy ham”. She reckons cheap ham is just the best thing to have on a kebab (heheheh, I guess they knew we wouldn’t be ham snobs :)). The shishkebabs were made extra special and even more tasty with a glaze made from lime and mandarin marmalade and Mezcal, which AK brushed over them as they cooked. The ham was juicy and bouncy with just the right amount of saltiness to go brilliantly with the sweet and juicy (but juicy in such a different way to the ham!) pineapple. We really enjoyed these shishkebabs as we love ham and pineapple on pizza. I want ham and pineapple shishkebabs at future barbies! These were so gooood.

Ham and pineapple shishkebabs

We also had chicken, marinated with ginger, garlic, sweet soy (kecap manis), light soy, honey and a little bit of lime juice. As she tried to remember how she made the marinade so I could write it down (yeah, I took notes), MK said, “I think it was something I got from your site.” :) It does sound like something we’d do, doesn’t it? Please pardon the mixture of flash and non-flash photos – from certain angles because of the lighting the images just seemed to look better flashed.

Marinated chicken

Look, you can even see the steam coming off the chicken.

Barbecued meats

To go with the meat, AK barbecued some vegetables – eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and red capsicum. Grilled/chargrilled/barbecued/roasted capsicum and zucchini are among my all-time favourite vegetables. These tasted fantastic. As you can see, I was buzzing around AK with my camera taking pictures as he cooked. Thank you for your patience, AK! Hee hee.

Barbecued vegies  Barbecued vegies
Barbecued vegies  Barbecued vegies
Barbecued vegies  Barbecued capsicum

And to go with the barbecued meat and vegies, we also had two salads. First, one made with tomatoes and mixed greens (lettuce, english spinach, rocket). The tomato chunks were seasoned with salt and pepper. It really is amazing how nice tomatoes taste with just a little salt and pepper. When I was at my poorest, as a first-year uni student, I used to eat sliced fresh tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper, on toast all the time.

Tomato and greens salad

The potato salad was made with potatoes (duh), finely chopped red onion, capsicum and gherkins, and dressed with whole egg mayonnaise (According to MK and AK: “It’s gotta be whole egg mayonnaise”).

Potato salad

The plate shot. Everyone watched as I carefully arranged my food on my plate and proceeded to take a dozen of so photos of it. Thankfully, one or two of the photos turned out ok. I find it so hard to take good photographs when I’m tired.

My plate

I loved the shishkebabs just as much as the chicken – I mean, for me, chicken is always number one, but the pineapple with the ham is such a great combo. I loved eating the barbecued slivers of ginger (from the chicken) too. The vegetables were so sweet, the salad so fresh. It was all utterly delicious and everything went so well together. All three of us (Jac, VR and I) were soooo tired though. Jac and I must’ve had like three hours’ sleep or something before we’d gotten up and gone to the shops, and while we’d hoped to sneak in a nap before heading out for the barbie we just got busy and there wasn’t time. It’s a good thing we don’t have to meet people at the airport very often (not that we mind at all, but those pick-ups in the early hours of the morning just throw you out of whack).

I did do some Christmas baking for MK, AK and their two kids but I won’t post the photos here yet – I’ll be doing more baking for Christmas and don’t want to reveal the details because some people who shall be receiving baked goods may read this site. And regular readers will know how much I love surprises (good surprises, not nasty ones!).

I feel very lucky – not only do we have really lovely friends, but lovely friends who put on brilliant barbies! Next get-together will be at our house – woo hoo!

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