Friday food

Since neither of us gets back to work (well work for Jac, back to thesis/uni for me) until Monday, we decided to go shopping again for bookshelves on Friday. We’d made a number of unsuccessful shopping excursions on previous occasions, but just couldn’t seem to find the right bookshelves to buy. We ended up going to Osborne Park this time to look at the various furniture shops there, including IKEA. I know we recently had Swedish meatballs for dinner, but I just HAD to have Swedish meatballs again at IKEA. It’s a ritual. If I’m there, I just have to have them. This ritual probably occurs less than once a year (we don’t go to IKEA very often), so when the opportunity comes up I grasp it with both hands (or rather, spear it enthusiastically and greedily with my fork). I ordered 10 meatballs, but ended up with 11 – bonus!

Swedish meatballs

Jac had the poached salmon salad, which had a lemon and dill dressing.

Poached salmon salad

We didn’t end up buying anything from IKEA (well, we bought frozen meatballs, cream sauce packet mix and lingonberry preserve, but no shelves) or any of the other shops in Osborne Park. We ended up finding shelves at a secondhand office furniture shop in East Victoria Park instead. We’re having three book shelves (two for the spare room, a gargantuan one for the hallway) delivered on Tuesday.

On Friday evening I decided to make fried rice to use up various bits and pieces in the fridge that needed to be eaten up soon or thrown out. There was some cooked rice, a bit of SPAM, two rashers of bacon, two and a half pineapple rings and half a can’s worth of baby corn. Fried rice was the obvious option – I also used a small brown onion, two cloves of chopped garlic and a handful of frozen peas. I flavoured it all with cracked black pepper, a teeny drizzle of soy sauce and a few good squirts of tomato sauce, enough to give the rice a red tinge. It was nice for a change to make fried rice without oyster sauce!

Fried rice

You know what? I’m finally all caught up with the posts. I hope you enjoyed them. It is now time to raid the fridge and then get my stuff together for going to uni tomorrow.

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