Geraldton, Day 2

We took it pretty easy on Tuesday. Honestly, with all the packing and organising we had to do before we went on holiday, we were positively knackered and just wanted to relax and do not much. We slept in and then went for a walk on the beach. It was pretty overcast, as you can see.

Big morning sky  Big morning sky

When we returned from our beach walk, Jac fried us up some bacon and eggs for breakfast. As usual, she had her eggs over easy.

Bacon and eggs over easy

And of course, I had mine sunny side up. With tomato sauce and a sprinkling of black pepper on the eggs.

Bacon and eggs sunny side up

We lounged around for most of the day, making a short trip to the shops to pick up some food for dinner. We scored a big cheap pack of chicken pieces – a few meals’ worth – and Jac made panfried salt-and-pepper chicken that evening. She served the chicken with garden salad, coleslaw (we bought pre-made salad packs), and a generous dollop of Neil Perry aioli – bought in a jar from Woolworth’s, but really really goooood – it doubled as salad dressing and as sauce for the chicken.

Chicken, salads and aioli

We’d booked and paid the weekly rate for a one bedroom unit, but they gave us a three bedroom unit for no extra charge, which was a nice bonus. The family units are supposed to be for up to six people, so we had heaps of space and a nice big fridge with plenty of room for many delicious things.

After dinner, we made plans to have an action-packed, fun-filled and delicious Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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