Satay night – the sweet

Sorry I took so long to post this! Pre-Christmas stuff had to be done.

After the satay, we enjoyed sweets made by three different people!

OK. This first dessert has a little story behind it. These two kinds of “balls” were made by Wanda. Wanda is the wife of Michael, who helped cook the satay. Wanda and Michael are friends of my brother and his wife (they have all known each other since high school days). Wanda and Michael are on holiday in Perth from South Australia. The brown coconut-covered balls are chocolate (according to VR, “just heavenly with amazing, perfect texture!”). The other balls are made with Rice Bubbles cereal and are caramel flavoured (I think Wanda called them “rice crackles” – these balls were Jac’s favourite – she loves most caramel things!). So anyway, picture this: I was sitting at the table taking photos of the various sweeties (as I do – it was really cool, actually – one of the Malaysian Uncles*, Uncle A said, watching me, “Eh, why she take photo of cake for?” to which his wife Auntie C said, “She’s a foodie lah!” like that explained everything!). Mum was chatting with the Malaysian guests as she and Auntie T grabbed plates, knives and cake servers to place on the table next to the sweets. Uncle A then asked who made the balls. Mum said, “They’re Wanda’s Balls.” And then, with a giggle, “Not Michael’s Balls… but Wanda’s Balls!” The Uncles and Aunties and my Mum cracked up laughing over her little joke. Which then led to Mum asking that same Uncle to sing a bawdy Malay song complete with actions, and more giggling from the Aunties and Mum. It’s great that they are enjoying each other’s company so much. My sister-in-law made the comment that “it’s like a school camp here right now!” Heheheh.

Wanda's Balls

Another of my parents’ friends, M**, made two desserts. First, this rather delectable chocolate mousse…

Chocolate mousse

…and my Mum’s favourite: butter cake with butter icing. We started on the individual tiny hearts…

Heart-shaped butter cakes with butter icing  Heart-shaped butter cakes with butter icing

…and then dug into the big butter cake heart. The butter icing was so good. I love butter-based icing much more than icing sugar-based icing.

Inside the big heart-shaped butter cake

Auntie T made this cheese cake. She told us that instead of gelatine she used lemon-flavoured jelly crystals. She decorated the top of the cake with a few thinly sliced tinned peaches.

Cheese cake

Cheese cake, Pac-Man style

The rest of the tinned peaches were left in a glass dish for anyone who wished to eat more peaches.


VR had a good time and really loved the kangaroo kebabs as well as the sweets. Here was her sweet selection, a slice of cheese cake, a spoon of mousse, a chocolate ball and a butter cake mini heart. She’s very used to me taking photos at meal times now – not bad, less than a week into her stay with us.

Sweet selection

*It is Chinese custom for us “kids” to call our parents’ Chinese friends Uncle and Auntie even though they are not actually uncles or aunts or related to us.
**M and her hubby are Australian, so we don’t call them Uncle or Auntie.

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