The journey home

You know, when we arrived at the chalet I was so excited to be there that I completely forgot to take photos of the inside! Anyway, on Wednesday morning before we locked up and returned the keys, I took a couple of snaps so you could have an idea about what the interior of the chalet was like. I tried to rearrange everything to how it was when we arrived, but I’m soooo obviously not a chambermaid (or even a tidy person!). The chair with foot stool is from IKEA (I discovered this on Friday when we went to IKEA – that post is coming up). The little red clock was cute but didn’t work. Coming from a non-air conditioned home, I thought the remote-controlled air-conditioner was fabulous. With no separate lounge area and the bed smack-bang in the middle of the room, it was very much like being in a motel room (albeit a fairly fancy, stylish one). The bathroom was very small – I didn’t take photos of it on the last day because it our wet towels were draped all over the shower – the bathroom was severely lacking in hooks/hanging space. The small kitchen had a microwave, electric frying pan, toaster and kettle. The sink was also tiny – Jac said doing the dishes in it felt like she was washing up in a bathroom sink.

Chalet interior  Chalet interior

I took a couple of final photos just before I got in the car. It was a lovely sunny day and would’ve been perfect for a day at the beach. But we had to go home. Jac gave me the “hurry up” by starting the car and reversing.

Last view  Hurry up and get in the car!

On our way out of Dongara Jac stopped at the Big Lobster so I could take its photo (plaque photo is here).

Big Lobster

We drove until we reached Eneabba and stopped at the Shell Roadhouse for a loo break and a spot of brunch.

Shell Roadhouse Eneabba

It was very hot in the car, so we jumped at the opportunity to eat in the air-conditioned roadhouse dining room.

Eneabba Roadhouse  Roadhouse dining room

Jac ordered a steak burger, which came with fried onions, salad and barbecue sauce.

Steak burger

Steak burger innards

I ordered a chicken burger, which came with a crunchy crumbed chicken pattie, a slice of cheese, salad and mayonaise. The tomato in my burger tasted really good, unbelievably great in fact, for reasons unknown. We paid burger-only prices but were given chips with our burgers, which was a nice bonus. I had apparently recovered from being all chipped out, and so the chips went down very well. But I don’t think I will be eating chips again any time soon* (or pies for that matter! ;-)). Our burgers were made to order and were yummy. They were around the $7.00 mark from memory.

Chicken burger

Chicken burger innards

We had a number breaks along the rest of the way home, and at one such stop I took a photo of these cows. While I was fiddling with my camera Jac pointed to the next field and said “Look, that boy cow is mounting another boy cow!” I turned to take a photo, but missed it. Oh well.

Curious cows

The drive was mostly uneventful. We did meet our locust friends again, but thankfully there weren’t as many as there had been on the drive up. We arrived home around 4pm and were greeted by my sister Juji and the cats, whom we showered with kisses (the cats, not Juji – I don’t have a kissy relationship with any of my relatives – but the cats we kiss all the time). We started unpacking and Jac hosed the locust parts off the car while I started the first of many loads of laundry. Juji very kindly made dinner, Swedish meatballs with cream sauce – which she made completely from scratch. That post is coming up next.

*Yes, sharp-eyed people will note that I ate chips at IKEA two days later!

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