Still more fish and salad

Continuing on with our month of many meals featuring fish and salad, here’s another. This was dinner last Sunday. First, salad. This one had green seedless grapes in it as well as the usual stuff.

Salad with grapes

Jac parboiled potatoes and whole garlic cloves and then roasted them in the oven until the potatoes were crispy and golden and the garlic was soft and sweet. She seasoned the potatoes with garlic salt too – they were really tasty. I think I ended up eating three or four garlic cloves too.

Garlic roasted potatoes

Jac ovenbaked baby snapper fillets with sliced mushrooms in foil, using herb dressing she made from the Liver Cleansing Diet book for a sauce.

Fish close-up

Jac also roasted sweet potatoes – VR doesn’t like them at all, so more for us!

My plate

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