Sunday roast chicken

Jac and VR returned from Mandurah on Sunday arvo. Jac got cracking in the kitchen and cooked a really delicious dinner. She cut a chicken into two, placed both halves flat on a tray and roasted them in the oven, rubbed with a variety of fresh and dried herbs, garlic, pepper, garlic chicken salt and lemon juice. She also roasted onions, upon my request (I love roasted onions!), and lots of corn too.

Roast chicken

Roast chicken and roasted corn

We also had potato salad with peas, which was very simple (just made with dressing out of a jar) but went perfectly with the strongly flavoured chicken.

Potato salad

The chicken was sooooo juicy and sooooo succulent. I had a thigh and leg. Poor Jac was still on her low-fat diet – she ate mostly breast meat and didn’t have any skin. She really missed out – the flavour of the skin was incredible. The small tomatoes you see in the photo are more of our homegrown ones. This has been our best season of tomatoes ever – I can’t believe how many tomatoes we’ve had from our plants – it’s been fantastic.

My plate

I have an early start tomorrow and so I must get ready for bed, but I’ll get back to posting (and replying to comments) tomorrow evening.

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