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I’m not going into details at present, but it’s been a challenging week juggling thesis, job applications, Jac’s gall bladder* and my grandma back in hospital. Next week will be even more challenging, but I can’t go into details right now.

Last Thursday night, we had another grilled fish and salad meal. Here’s the big bowl of salad, which included more of our homegrown grape tomatoes.


Jac boiled up a batch of small potatoes (they weren’t new potatoes, just small potatoes).

Boiled potatoes

The barramundi fillets were just beautiful. Definitely our favourite fish out of all the fish we’ve eaten recently. In addition to my fish, potatoes and salad, I also had a few sliced dill pickles. Yum.

Grilled barramundi, potatoes, salad and pickles

The barramundi was amazing – it was just beautifully flaky. I ate the skin too – I really like eating cooked fish skin. Jac and VR left their fish skin on their plates. I ate Jac’s fish skin but felt a little bashful asking VR if I could eat hers. :)

Close-up of grilled barramundi

On Friday (the Australia Day public holiday) Jac and VR took off to Toodyay (pronounced too-jay) to spend the long weekend at a mate’s parents’ holiday house. I stayed home to finish the last of the thesis edits. It was worth missing out on the weekend away – I got everything finished. In between working and watching The Thornbirds on dvd, I of course made sure I kept myself well-fed. This was my dinner on Friday night – I stir-fried some cabbage with lots of garlic and onion and oyster sauce…

Stir-fried cabbage

…and I cracked open a can of SPAM and fried up four slices in the pan. While the SPAM was getting nicely crisp on the edges I broke a couple of eggs into a bowl and beat them with some white pepper and soy sauce. When the SPAM was well browned, in went the eggs. I love fried SPAM and eggs with rice – that’s my favourite comfort meal of all.

Fried SPAM and egg

Fried SPAM and egg, cabbage and rice

On Saturday night I did a vegie stir-fry using the leftover salad vegies and boiled potatoes from Thursday night. I ate this with rice. No meat! I’ve been surprising myself by eating less meat in general lately (some of you will say – but you consumed a whole tin of SPAM over the weekend! And some of you will say – yeah, SPAM isn’t really meat after all! LOL)

Leftover vegie stir-fry

And this was my brunch on Sunday – a toasted multigrain English muffin with a slice of fried SPAM and sliced grape tomatoes from our garden, topped with freshly cracked black pepper. I spread a little aioli on one of the muffin halves too.

SPAM and tomato muffin

On Sunday evening Jac and I went to our favourite food hall for dinner. She’s been craving sushi, and so she had a mixed sushi plate.

Mixed sushi plate

I had wantan mee, dry style. We haven’t had a meal featuring pork in our house ever since the gall bladder attack, and I was craving it. (Some of you will say – well, that’s probably why you had SPAM, right? And some of you will say – at last, some real pork!) The char siu (barbecue pork) went down a treat.

Wantan mee, dry style

Jac really felt like having something for dessert – since it had been such a hot day the perfect refreshing dessert was ice kacang (What is it? Read this). I’ve never really gotten into ice kacang myself.

Ice kacang

On Monday I went to uni and had a lunch of rice, noodles, curried vegies and beef in black bean sauce.

Curry vegies, black bean beef, noodles and rice

Corn has been so cheap and so delicious lately. We’ve been buying corn for 50-60 cents a cob from the supermarket, and it’s been really juicy and bursty and sweet. I could eat it every day. That’s VR’s new favourite mate, Paul Newman of the delicious Ranch Dressing, that you can see peeping in the corner there.

Corn and peeping Paul Newman

Grilled shark, salad and corn – mmmm.

Grilled shark, salad and corn

The shark was a pale pink colour when raw, and turned white when cooked, bearing a strong resemblance to grilled chicken breast as shown in this photo.

Grilled shark, close-up

*So far, no extreme pain attacks, but she did have a bad night recently with enough abdominal discomfort and nausea to prevent her from having a good night’s rest. Although we’re not eager for the surgery, I think she’d like it over and done with so that she can be on her way to recovery.

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