Tuesday evening

My sister-in-law A gave me a lift home after we finished clearing Mama’s flat on Tuesday, and Jac and I invited her to stay and have dinner with us. What did we have? Yep, more fish and salad.

The distinguishing feature of the salad this time was sliced roasted red capsicum. I think this capsicum came in a jar, but I could be wrong. Jac could’ve easily roasted a couple of capsicums in the oven the other night while she was roasting the potatoes and baking the fish.

Salad with roasted red capsicum

Jac also cooked sliced potatoes on the barbie again.

Potatoes on the barbie (Jac using Bar-B-Mate)

Potatoes on the barbie - almost done

We used two kinds of fish – the last of the baby snapper and three fillets of javelin. I’d never heard of a fish called javelin before (apparently it’s also known in some places as grunter, which I think is a much cuter name). Jac put the raw fish fillets in a freezer bag along with wholemeal flour, garlic salt, pepper and other flavouring bits, and then it was my job to sort of shake the bag and make sure the fillets were nicely coated but to take care not to break them up during the coating process. Yes, I managed this easily. :)


Fish and potatoes on the barbie

Behold, the platter of fish and potatoes, fresh and hot off the barbecue.

Barbecued potatoes and fish

My plate: fish, salad, potatoes and a lightly buttered brown roll.

My plate

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