What’s a saddletail?

We had a really delicious feed of fish and salad (yes, yet another meal of fish and salad – I told you, I don’t think I’ll get tired of it!) this week. The fish was saddletail snapper (I have no idea what a saddletail is and am too lazy to google it right now). Jac coated the fish with herb and garlic breadcrumbs (another packet of forgotten stuff we found during our pantry clean-out) and then panfried them. I have no idea what brand breadcrumbs they were – the box was long gone, and all we had were the contents in the waxy white bag.

Saddletail snapper  and salad

The breadcrumbs were crispy, savoury and sooooooo tasty – I think out of all the fish and salad meals we’ve eaten recently, this is my favourite (yeah, it had to be the fried fish meal, not one of the much healthier grilled fish meals!). I just loved the contrast of that crispy, savoury golden-brown crust with the white and meaty but wonderfully moist fish. More, more!

Saddletail snapper close-up

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