Kebabs for lunch

Jac, VR and I went to my office at uni today to clear out my desk and bring all my crap stuff home. I guess it’s the end of an era, but I don’t feel sad or sentimental about it. I feel like I moved on quite a while ago. No one else was in the office, which was good. We just did what we were there to do, and left. On the way home, we stopped to grab some lunch. VR wanted a coffee and a chocolate croissant (sorry, I didn’t get a photo), and Jac and I had kebabs.

Jac’s kebab had falafel, salad, hummus and garlic sauce in it. The falafel was yummy but really salty!

Falafel kebab with salad, hummus and garlic sauce

My kebab appeared to have been made using thicker, puffier bread than Jac’s kebab. I definitely prefer thinner bread for a kebab (like I prefer thinner crust for a pizza), but it was tasty enough – it had chicken, egg, salad, BBQ sauce and garlic sauce in it. The chicken was nicely marinated and the egg freshly cooked – I commented on how good the egg tasted, and Jac was like “Well, yeeeah, of course they cook the egg fresh to order”. But then I told her why it was such a thrill to have freshly fried egg in a kebab – the kebab place at uni pre-fried their eggs every morning. By the time they’d bunged the egg back on the hot plate to warm and then put it in your kebab it was somewhat dry. Yeah, ewwww. Moving onto nicer things, I love the combination of BBQ and garlic sauces. Jac thought my kebab was great too – she had quite a few bites of it! But then she happily shared her falafel with me, so it was all good.

Chicken kebab with salad, egg, BBQ sauce and garlic sauce

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