Friday night with friends

Remember how at lunch recently my friend MK and I agreed we should get together and hang out more often? Well, she picked me up after work on Friday and we went to her place. Her hubby AK made dinner, and of course Jac joined us too.

This bowl of salad sat right under my nose as I chatted with AK while he prepared dinner. Despite having eaten that crispy fried chicken and fried rice for lunch I was really hungry, and it was hard to not just sit there eating the tomatoes out of the bowl. I always find that the power of suggestion, the mere smells and sounds of cooking make me hungry.


AK fried up some pork dumplings (oooh, dangerous camera work here, with spitting hot oil so close – don’t worry, I’m very careful)…

Frying the pork dumplings

Pork dumplings

Pork dumplings

Mmmmm, dumpling.

Pork dumpling innards

We nibbled on broad beans while dinner was cooking. These ones come in a packet and are called horse beans. They are crispy and garlicky and addictive.

Horse beans

AK chopped up red capsicum and coriander to go in the main dish of prawns he planned to cook. I found the bright colours particularly appealing and had to take photos!

Red capsicum


These fried shallots were for garnishing the prawns.

Fried shallots

AK also fried up roti. These were frozen out of a packet, and AK just sprayed them with oil and browned them in a frypan on the stove.


Here are the prawns being panfried…

Action shot 1: frying the prawns

Action shot 2: frying the prawns

Here are the prawns just before AK added the sauce.

One last look at the prawns before the sauce was added

The sauce was Dimkum Original brand lemongrass sauce and smelled amazing.

Prawns with lemongrass sauce added

The pan of prawns, served up at the dinner table:

Prawns served up

AK cooked the prawns perfectly – they were so bursty! The sauce was spicy and went really well with the roti, steamed rice and salad.

My plate

After dinner I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this fellow. His name is Mr. Golden, and he’s the mascot of Golden Crumpets. MK won him in a raffle recently. Mmmm, crumpets with butter and honey would be good right now. See, the power of suggestion even works on me in cartoonish form!

Mr Golden

Dinner and company were both fantastic. AK is an excellent cook. We’ve had barbies and dinners at MK and AK’s place and we’ve always enjoyed ourselves immensely! Next time we’ll be the hosts. Jac is already thinking up ideas for what to cook, and I’m trying to think of a dessert to make.

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