Lunch at Marrakech Restaurant

On Tuesday my great friend MK and I met up for lunch for her birthday. We’d been hoping to go to Chutney Mary’s for some Indian, but it’s closed on Tuesday at lunch time. We walked along Hay Street looking for inspiration and came across Marrakech Restaurant, which features “Morrocan and European cuisine”. This sounded good enough to us, so we decided to give it a go.

MK chose the Quesadilla, with chicken, guacamole, cheese, spinach, sundried tomatoes and Moroccan aioli dressing ($12.50). I had always associated the quesadilla with Mexican cuisine – definitely not Moroccan or European! I think MK enjoyed it though.


Jac especially likes the chickenyness here in this photo.

Quesidillia mouthful

I rather liked the sound of the Meatball Tagine, described on the menu as “tasty lean meatballs, simmered in spicy tomato, green pea and onion” ($20.90). When my meal arrived, I was intrigued and pleased to see a poached egg sitting on top of the meatballs.

Meatball tagine

Regular readers know all about a previous controversy here at this site on the subject of garnishes. I reckon parsley garnishes don’t really create anticipation for the taste and texture of the food about to be experienced – but this, a poached egg, sitting simply on top of a dish of saucy meatballs – truly did. I eagerly pierced the plump, white lump of egg with my fork. The bright yellow yolk was just perfect. Soft, thick and gooey, it oozed into the dark red meatball sauce – a beautiful sight to behold.

Soft egg yolk - yuuuuuum

The meatballs were great – well-seasoned and meaty (duh – but really, they were!). The sauce was rich and spicy. Peas are so basic but they were a fantastic inclusion in this dish – never underestimate the power of the texture of perfectly cooked frozen peas! I just loved the feel of the green peas popping between my teeth as I bit them. This dish was a collection of pleasurable textures – chewy meatballs, gooey egg and peas going pop, pop, pop. If you order this dish you’ll definitely need some sort of carbohydrate to eat with it – I had bread ($4.90). I loved how the bread was served – lightly toasted and warm. It was really nice chewy bread, perfect for soaking up that spicy tomato sauce and all of that tasty poached egg.

Warm toasted chewy bread

MK and I have decided we need to get together and hang out more often. We used to see each other all the time at uni, as we shared an office. Although we both work in Subi now, even on a long lunch there’s never really enough time. I know myself I never really feel relaxed at lunch on a work day because I know I have to head back to work before long. And so this Friday we’re planning to meet up after work, grab some takeaway food and hang out. MK’s hubby and Jac will be welcome to join us, of course!

Marrakech Restaurant is at Shop 12F, 531 Hay Street, Subiaco 6008. For more details, check out their website. Posters on the wall advertise belly dancing at the restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights. I’m not at all into belly dancing myself (doing or watching!) though :). I’d like to take Jac to Marrakech Restaurant for dinner one evening to try the dinner menu. The lamb and chicken tagines sound particularly tempting.

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