More lamb

This is what Jac made using the leftover roast lamb, gravy and cooked cabbage: lancashire hot pot. She took the lamb off the bone, cut off the excess fat where possible and chopped it into small chunks. She used the last of the roast gravy, along with water, flour, worchestershire sauce and a little more beef stock to make the gravy for the hot pot. She added chopped carrots, onions, peas and the leftover cooked cabbage and topped the casserole dish with sliced potatoes and baked it all in the oven.

Lancashire hot pot

Anticipation is the moment just before the spoon breaks through the potato layer. Oh, that warm aroma! Impatience follows. Hurry up and serve, please! Me hungry!

What's under the potatoes?

We ate generous servings with corn kernels on the side – delicious!

My plate

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