More sandwich reflections

I had lunch at MYO again this week with one of my workmates.

Here’s her sandwich:

Workmate's lunch

And here’s half of mine, filled with chicken, chutney, swiss cheese, lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, sundried tomatoes and hard boiled egg, and spread with mayonaise and a little butter. Jac reckons I make strange sandwiches. She rather liked the look of my workmate’s sandwich though.

My lunch

Making one’s own sandwich at a sandwich bar brings about an annoyance – the need to use tongs – that is, the need to restrain oneself from just grabbing things by hand rather than using the tongs. If you were at home making a sandwich you’d arrange the mushrooms, the slices of cheese etc using your fingers without thinking twice about it. Making a sandwich using tongs is just so unnatural! I must hasten to assure you all that when I get lunch at MYO I do resist all urges to be naturally unhygienic. Oh, it’s a struggle when one is in a hurry, driven by terrible hunger and gluttony, but I resist. Heheheh. :)

But of course, the advantage of making a sandwich at a sandwich bar is the fantastic range of fillings available, a range I would never have in my fridge and pantry at any one time. I suppose that’s why I end up making weird sandwiches – it’s all there and it all looks good.

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