Lunch at Silks

We were out and about this morning and on impulse decided to stop for an early lunch at Silks Bar and Bistro, at the Belmont Tavern. We would probably have been just as happy to eat at a food hall in a shopping centre somewhere but this was nice for a change. :)

With a little suggestive selling by our waitress, we decided to start with garlic bread (AU$6.00). It arrived not long after we ordered. As I ate this garlic bread I was reminded of the garlic bread we had at the Freemasons Hotel in Geraldton last year. This bread was thickly sliced, buttery and golden on the outside, chewy on the edges and really soft, fluffy and white in the middle. It was lovely.

Garlic bread

There were four slices of garlic bread on the plate – the top slice was the nicest looking one. It was all downhill after that – look at this slice! While the presentation wasn’t that impressive, it was still delicious.


Jac ordered the steak sandwich (AU$16.50), with was made with toasted Turkish bread and came with salad and chips. Jac found the steak to be perfectly cooked and tender, made even tastier with a layer of gooey melted cheese.

Steak sandwich

Steak sandwich

I chose the pie of the day (AU$16.50), which was beef, mushrooms and red wine, and came served with chips and salad. I was chuffed that we got tomato sauce to dip our chips into. I love chips with tomato sauce.

Pie of the day

The pastry was actually really hard to eat – when I tried to cut into it with my knife all it did was sink into the gravy. Still, it was a mighty tasty pie, with lots of beef chunks and mushroom pieces under that pastry cap. The gravy had a lovely rich flavour. The pastry ended up completely soggified and drowned in gravy, but it was still yummy. In this photo I haven’t actually eaten a chunk out of the pastry – it’s just sunken into the gravy as a result of my futile cutting efforts.

Pie of the day

We both enjoyed our lunch very much. The Belmont Tavern is located at 174 Wright Street in Belmont. Silks is the Bar and Bistro – there’s also a Sports Bar next door. We left the tavern feeling quite full and satisfied, and thinking about taking a nap.

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