Midweek dinner date

On Wednesday evening I met Jac after work for a dinner date. We went to a food hall we go to sometimes, I don’t know what it’s called – it’s in East Victoria Park near Office Works and Red Rooster and Hockey Action, not far from the Oats Street train station.

To begin, we had a couple of vegetable spring rolls.

Spring roll

Note ink spots on finger.

Spring roll innards

Jac had a prawn and vermicelli salad (AU$10.80) from the Thai stall. There were five or six prawns – they weren’t tough but they were definitely not bursty either, and after the first couple of mouthfuls all she could taste was chilli. The salad came with a dish of steamed rice, but the rice didn’t add much to the meal. Jac said it was okay, but probably not something she’d have again.

Prawn salad

I had combination noodle soup (I think it was AU$7.50 – I remember thinking what good value it was!) from one of the Chinese stalls. This was great! The soup was very tasty, and I had a choice of rice noodles or egg noodles (I chose the latter), and it came heaped with different barbecue meats – soya chicken, barbecue pork, roast pork and a bright red pork rib. I was in the mood for noodle soup and meat, and so this was just perfect.

Combination noodle soup

We decided to have dessert too and walked over to the stall that does pancakes, coffees, cake, ice cream, fish and chips and chicken nuggets (and other things!). Jac ordered a pancake dusted with cinnamon, with banana, maple syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (AU$4.50). You know how in food halls there are often stalls which display photos of the dishes they sell, but quite often the photos bear little or no resemblance to the actual dishes? This, however, looks just like the display photo! It was yummy, too. I love maple syrup so much. The ice cream was lovely and creamy.

Pancake with banana, maple syrup and ice cream

I ordered fried bananas with ice cream (AU$3.50). I love hot fried batter with cold creamy ice cream.

Fried bananas and ice cream

The bananas were sweet and soft and yummy inside the crispy batter, but the batter seemed, I don’t know, a little savoury! I enjoyed it, but next time I want dessert at that food hall, I’m getting a pancake with banana, maple syrup and ice cream!

Fried banana innards

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