Tim sum at Emperor’s Court

So much of our time during the week is taken up with work and sleeping that by the time the weekend comes around Jac and I feel like we’ve hardly spent any time together at all. And so on Saturday morning we went out on a date. Tim sum at The Emperor’s Court (66 Lake Street, Northbridge), followed by shopping in town.

We started with salt and pepper squid – the tentacles were a little tough but tasty.

Salt and pepper squid

We also had some pork and prawn tofu-wrapped steamed dumplings. I loved the crunchy water chestnut in these.

Pork and prawn steamed tofu skin dumplings

I always must have the soft rice flour rolls stuffed with char siu (BBQ pork). I love the extreme softness of the rice flour rolls, maybe even more than the pork inside.

Soft rice flour rolls stuffed with BBQ pork

We had deep fried crab meat balls too:

Deep fried crab balls

The satay was disappointing. The beef was chewy and difficult to swallow. The sauce was runny – and even worse – Jac proclaimed it insipid. A waste of money. Maybe we should’ve ordered the chicken satay.

Beef satay with peanut sauce/div>

These prawn dumplings were really great! They were filled FULL of bursty prawns and utterly delicious dipped in the mayonnaise.

Deep fried prawn dumplings with mayonnaise

The stuffed tofu came in a mushroomy soy and black bean sauce. Sooooo good. I would’ve eaten another round of this, but my savoury stomach was approaching fullness, and sweet stomach was about to take over the eating duties.

Stuffed tofu with black bean sauce

Jac was hanging out to have the sago pudding, which she’d had like two years ago when we ate here with friends. The pudding has little bubbles of sago in it, as well as cubes of rockmelon (orange) and honeydew melon (green). This was Jac’s favourite dish.

Sago pudding

My favourite dish was the egg tart. I have loved these all my life. They are soooooo good. When you eat the pastry though, you can’t help thinking about how fatty and bad this is for you. But you keep eating anyway, because that egg custard is so beautiful.

Egg tart

Beautiful, I tells ya!

Egg tart bitten

The Chinese donuts passed us by many times while we were still on the savoury food. I knew it was a matter of time before Jac caved in.

Chinese donut

They were nice enough, but to be honest the doughy insides were just a whisker away from being too underdone. I only had a bite of one – one egg tart finished me off completely. We took one donut and one egg tart home.

Chinese donut innards

After lunch we wandered around the shops – this was a packet of beancurd I spotted in an Asian supermarket. I thought Naughty Family was a great name for a brand! We didn’t buy any though.

Naughty Family Tomato Tou Bean Curd

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