A birthday afternoon tea at work

It was Chad’s birthday on Wednesday, and she brought in a box of goodies from Jean Claude Patisserie for the team to share.

The delicious anticipation created by the sight of this box was immense! Chad said I could take photos of the goodies within before the hungry hoards (well, not exactly hoards!) arrived. That’s always a good idea because there’s no stopping hungry office people once they are within reach of free food.

The JC Box of goodies

What to choose…?




These were escargot, with custard inside.

Two escargot



An old favourite of sweet toothed goodie eaters and food pornographers, a shiny, glossy strawberry tart.

Strawberry tart/div>

A chocolate croissant.

Chocolate croissant

I had some of this – an eclair filled with a fluffy chocolate mousse. That mousse was heavenly!

Chocolate eclair

I didn’t try this, but I presume it was a coffee eclair as it was decorated with a coffee bean.

Coffee eclair

Woo hoo! Happy birthday Chad, and thanks to your generosity, happy us! Hahahaha!

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