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I’ve been feeling really guilty because one of my friends was in town this week and I told her I couldn’t meet her for lunch. It’s really been a shocking week at work – I won’t – and seriously, can’t – go into details about why, but it was the sort of week during which I didn’t know what time I’d be able to have lunch each day, nor how long I’d have to eat it. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t skip lunch on any day, but on most of the days I ate in a hurry, which I really hate to do. But perhaps even more significant than the issue of time and duration, I know I was pretty stressed out and tired for most of the week – I probably wouldn’t have been very good company anyway. Hope we can catch up again another time, Su!

Monday:purely out of convenience, I had teriyaki chicken and a potato salad from Nippon Fare. It was around 1:40 pm by the time I got to have lunch, much later than I prefer to have a lunch break, and so I was starving. My brain felt fried and I didn’t want to have to think too hard about what to have, so I just put on my jacket, stepped out of the office and let my legs walk on auto-pilot. I got this takeaway, brought it back to the office, sat in the lunch room and wolfed it down. It was as tasty as usual.

Teriyaki chicken

Japanese potato salad

Tuesday: I decided to go to Han’s and try the pork chop rice (AU$8.95). On the menu, the dish is described as consisting of steamed rice, pork chop, pork strip, fried egg and pickles. The stupid thing was I had a fork and spoon but no knife to cut the pork chops with – in the end I just picked the chops up with my fingers and chewed. The sauce in the dish was very fishy (I presume due to high fish sauce content) and not to my liking, so I left it alone – unfortunately, without a sauce the dish was very dry. I’m still wondering what “pork strip” is – as far as I could tell I got two pieces of pork chop with the dish, which were really tasty, by the way. I could’ve eaten a whole plate of those pork chops.

Pork chop rice

Pork chop

Wednesday: one of my workmates was heading over to Nippon Fare to grab herself some tuna mayo sushi and I asked if she’d mind grabbing me some lunch too. Chicken teriyaki again, purely because it was quick and easy – like the sushi, they have those all boxed up and ready to go. I often see members of the West Coast Eagles footy team buying lunch at Nippon Fare, and they really love that teriyaki chicken! The pickles which came with the dish were red this time, instead of the usual green. Didn’t taste that much different, which was fine, as I think they usually taste really good.

Teriyaki chicken with red pickles

Thursday: my boss actually insisted my workmate Chad* and I take an hour for lunch. With how things have been lately, Chad and I haven’t been able to have lunch together for a while, so it was good to escape for a bit and sit and eat together. For the third time this week I had lunch from Nippon Fare. Chad had the teriyaki tofu (AU$6.00), which looked great (and with red pickles again!). I’ll have that on another day, I reckon.

Teriyaki tofu

We each had a serve of vegetable tempura too (AU$1.40 per piece – here you the two serves). This was the first time I ate Nippon Fare’s vegie tempura – Chad has it quite often, and now I know why she likes it so much – it was really good! It had carrot, capsicum, green bean, onion and potato in the batter and came out sitting in the plastic container in a light sprinkling of soy sauce. The onion and potato were especially yummy in the batter – the onion was soooo tasty!

Vegetable tempura

After all my rice lunches for the past three days I was ready for noodles, and so I had the teriyaki soba (AU$7.30). I really love the presentation and colour of this dish, and it’s always tasty.

Teriyaki soba

Friday: I went to the Subiaco Pavilion Markets and got char kway teow (AU$8.50) from the Chinese stall next to Gelatino. As I waited for the kway teow to be cooked (it only took about five minutes!), I ate a single stick of chicken satay (can’t remember the price, sorry!), dipped in peanut sauce. The kway teow was lovely, loaded with fish cake, prawns and chicken.

Chicken satay with peanut sauce

I had a bit of a gut ache after eating this – could’ve been a result of eating too quickly, or eating too late, I’m not sure!

Char kway teow

I’m so tired! I might have to finish posting tomorrow.

*Not her real name!

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