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I didn’t mention earlier – I’ve caught a cold. Right now as I type, my right nostril is blocked, and I’ve been carrying around (and um, filling) a rather disgusting hanky snot rag. Consequently, I won’t be going to see baby Ruby right away. Appetite is still fine (when I can actually taste food – I have to VERY ILL INDEED to lose my appetite!), but my head is all blocked up and I feel very low on energy. Jac made me freshly squeezed orange juice this morning and I’ve been taking it easy – though that’s exactly what I prefer to do on weekends anyway. I was hoping to undertake an already overdue springclean of my computer but I think I’ll have to leave it until next weekend.

Our brunch while at the shops yesterday – I thought a little Indian food would be good for a blocked nose/head (it was!). At this stage I was convinced my blocked head and runny nose was due to a bad hay fever attack, rather than a cold. I had chicken biryani and butter chicken (AU$10.00) from Maya Masala. Yummy, though the butter chicken was mostly gravy, as you can see in the photo. It’s very tasty gravy, but I personally prefer more chicken than that!

Butter chicken and chicken biryani

Jac had a chicken kebab with garlic sauce. I had a bite – not bad, but Jac never has egg in her kebabs, and I always really miss egg in a kebab if there’s no egg. We both wondered why we never make kebabs at home – after all, it would be pretty easy to buy the lebanese flat bread, marinate and cook the meat, chop up lettuce, tomatoes and onion, fry egg and add BBQ or sweet chilli or tomato sauce, or make a yoghurt and garlic sauce, or just use aioli instead of making a garlic sauce. It would be quite a healthy meal to have too – as long as we didn’t go crazy with the sauces (a low fat yoghurt and garlic sauce would definitely be a better choice than tasty, fatty aioli)! We like to do MYO tacos, with the chilli, salad and cheese all set up so we can fill our own taco shells – MYO kebabs would be along the same lines. Hmmm *brain working, though a little slowly due to blocked head*.

Chicken kebab with garlic sauce

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