Dinners at home

Tuesday night: Jac grilled snapper fillets and potatoes, tomato and pineapple. She simply seasoned the fish with a little pepper (nope, no salt!) and put a little butter on top before placing under the grill. She pre-cooked the potatoes in the microwave in some water then drained them, salted them and sprayed them with a little canola spray before putting them under the grill to brown next to the fish. The tomatoes were sliced in half and also placed under the grill, along with a couple of pineapple rings (from a tin). To go with the grilled fish and grilled vegies and pineapple Jac also cooked some peas and made orange mash using the last remaining sweet potato and carrots. She always feels very pleased with herself and feels a great sense of satisfaction when she cooks something using the last whatever. :)

Grilled snapper, grilled potatoes, tomato and pineapple, with orange mash and peas/div>

Friday night: Jac made these turkey patties with turkey mince and peas ages ago and froze them. For dinner on Friday she thawed them out and fried them until their breadcrumb coating got nice and crunchy. She served them with homemade coleslaw, a few sliced grape tomatoes and a little tinned potato salad. Yeah, tinned potato salad! I don’t know when she bought that. She just saw it at the supermarket and bought a tin to give it a go. She thought it was really yummy, but I much prefer the potato salad she makes.

Turkey patties, potato salad and coleslaw

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