More Chinese home delivery

I am running so very behind with posts. This was our Chinese home delivery dinner on Saturday last weekend.

We had special fried rice, of course.

Special fried rice

For a change, we chose deepfried chicken with crispy skin. It was just OK – perhaps a little on the dry side.

Deepfried chicken with crispy skin

The king prawns were deliciously bursty, and the sauce was fantastically garlicky.

King prawns with snow peas in garlic sauce

My favourite dish of the lot was the roast pork with fried bean curd. The sauce had soggified the crackling, but that distinct salty flavour of the Chinese roast pork was sooo good.

Roast pork with fried bean curd

See the mystery shape around the top of the plate? Jac’s favourite used to be the pork chop in Nanking sauce, but the torch has now been passed to its battered buddy, the squid with spice and pepper. She could sit there and just eat the whole box of squid by herself. Heh.

My plate

I apologise, but I am not at liberty to go into details about what has been keeping me so busy. All I can say is the next week or two will be much the same. I’m hoping to keep sorting through Royal Show photos – damn it, the Show’s over and I still haven’t posted my photos! – fingers crossed I’ll get a chance to post them soon.

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